The most powerful crime fighting tool could be sitting in your pocket.

CrimeBot now available in the Play Store

CrimeBot Features

Take a look at just a few of CrimeBot's amazing features

Completely Anonymous

CrimeBot allows you to submit new crime reports completely anonymously. We protect your identity while collecting vital details you have to share.

Crime Hot Spot Maps

Maybe you happen to be driving into an unsafe area. Hot spots will give you a visual on where to avoid using our built in mapping service.

Instant Alerts

Get notified via instant push notification when a crime happens in an area you happen to be in at that time.

Help find Missing or Wanted People

Instant notifications on Wanted Criminals from Trusted sources.

Share reports

Share missing people to help in the hunt to find them or spread awareness about dangerous crime areas with your friends to social media.

More Features

Tons more to do inside CrimeBot like viewing crime probability by area or view crime routes on the map to avoid dangerous areas.

So why choose CrimeBot?

Crimebot is special because it allows users to upload photos and videos, add voice comments, and pinpoint their locations through GPS. There's also a hotspot map which gives you a visual of where crimes are happening relative to your address. The technology used to drive CrimeBot caters to its users first, focusing on a brilliant user experience and easy access to the information you really need.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform - Report Crimes Anytime
  • Easy and clean user experience - Just swipe and touch
  • Attach audio, videos and other media to your reports
  • Interact with other Crimebot users and share awareness together

So what exactly is CrimeBot

CrimeBot alerts users by using crime reports, giving users a live view of what's happening around them by the minute. CrimeBot uses notifications, crime hot-spot illustrations and even allows the submission of completely anonymous crime reports. Users can view the history of crimes around their current location and elsewhere which provides crime report details such as time, location and media (pictures, videos, audio) associated with that report.

Watch our preview video

Here are a few screens which should show you what to expect when using the CrimeBot app to help fight crime. More videos to be added soon.

Its Rewarding to Fight Crime

Use the powerful tiny tool in your pocket to fight crime and stay safe.

Anonymous Use

We pride ourselves in keeping our users safe because we know that safe users means more users. We keep our users anonymous even when commenting to preserve the identity of CrimeBot's security and trustworthiness.

The gift of Safety

We send notifications from our Trusted sources about wanted people to keep you aware of any potentially dangerous threats around you. We take pride in safety and grow our users by sharing the information they need when they need it.

24/7 Operation

If a crime happened when you are asleep we know you want to stay in the know as soon as you grab your mobile the next time. We store all reports and bulletins for your use 24/7. When you are ready, just search and find whatever you need.

Some screens showing CrimeBot in action

Take a look at some of our screen shots

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